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0800-0900 Third Sunday of the month

If you're a veteran or first responder who has experienced trauma, Warrior Church is for you and your family. Anyone who has experienced trauma is welcome to attend.

Our mission is to heal moral injury and prevent veteran and first responder suicides by building community through sweat, inspiration, and Communion.

Because trauma lives in the body, our unique monthly service is wrapped around a 45-minute HIIT workout.


Download our Warrior Church brochure here

Rev. Leslie A. Stewart 

Rev. Stewart is a USAF veteran who served in Air Force Special Operations and later became an Aerospace Physiologist, flying T-37s, T-38s, and F-16s. She became an ordained Episcopal priest in 2014 and is trained in Moral Injury, Crisis Counseling, and Suicide Prevention. 

Deacon Jennifer Smith

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Houston, Deacon Jennifer is a pediatric radiologist at Medical City Hospital in Dallas and serves as a medical specialist for Warrior Church. She is committed to healing physically and spiritually.

22 veterans die each day from suicide.

More first responders died from suicide than from line-of-duty deaths in 2017.

First responders are 5x more likely to die from suicide than civilians.