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Children's Prayer Journal

By Janice Truitt, Children's Minister

Keeping a prayer journal is a wonderful activity for children. And prayer journals are not just for children -- even I draw and write in my journal.

This past Sunday the students were energized as they decorated the cover for their journal. Then they reflected to create prayers for their journal. Included in the journal were blank pages for drawing and lined pages with prompts for their prayers.

Some ideas for prompts include:

  • Things I’m Thankful For

  • Prayers for Others

  • Prayers for Myself

  • Today’s Bible Verse

When writing a prayer, the children were encouraged to let their thoughts flow as they wrote to God. This is a time not to worry about spelling errors. The important thing is to pray.

We made sure to include enough blank pages so the children can use drawing to help them visualize their thoughts, and then translate their pictures into words.

Children should be praised for the drawings and words they create for God. It is beautiful to see them thank God for their mom, dad, pets, and toys.

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