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Lazarus, the rich man and angels

By Janice Truitt, Children's Minister

This past Sunday, our lesson was inspired from “The Rich Man Learns” based on Luke 16:19-31 found in the Lectionary Story Bible:

One day, our Lord Jesus told a story. He said, “Once there was a rich man. He dressed in fancy clothes and ate big feasts every day. At the man’s gate, there was a poor man named Lazarus. His body had sores on it that dogs sometimes licked. He wished for food that fell from the rich man’s table.

“One day, Lazarus died. The angels came and took him to be with Abraham. The rich man died, too. He was in Hades, and he was miserable. The rich man could see Lazarus with Abraham. He asked Abraham to send Lazarus to dip his finger in water to cool his tongue.

“But Abraham reminded the rich man that he had many good things when he was alive, but he had ignored Lazarus at his gate. The rich man listened carefully. Since Lazarus couldn’t help him, he begged Abraham to send Lazarus to warn his five brothers so they wouldn’t be greedy and end up in Hades, too. Abraham told the rich man that his brothers should listen to Moses and the prophets’ teachings so they could be saved. The rich man did not think they would pay attention to those teachings, but they would obey someone who came back from the dead.

“But Abraham said, ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they would not stop being selfish even if Lazarus came back from the dead to talk to them.’”

This version uses an angel in the parable to teach the rich man what he had done wrong, which allowed us the opportunity to create angels.

We used paper plates, glue, markers and glitter (glitter always makes lessons better!). You can make these angels at home by following the instructions and materials list below.

The ultimate joy I experience is when the children proudly show their creations to their parents!

Paper plate angels


  • Paper plates

  • Glitter pens

  • Glue

  • Thin colored tape

How to:

  • Cut a deep triangle from the outside edges to the middle of the plate (it will be like a ¼ of the plate). You are left with a large connected section for the wings.

  • Glue the triangle (dress section) to the middle of the remaining connected section.

  • Cut an oval from another paper plate for the face and glue it to the pointy top of the triangle.

  • Decorate with glitter and markets. TIP: It works best to decorate the parts separately then glue the wings, dress and head together.