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You mean Jesus is real?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

By Don Strain, Lay Evangelist

Don Strain, Lay Evangelist, Resurrection Episcopal Church of Plano

As a new dad, I wanted to take my children to church because I thought it would be best for them.

And I was right.

But not because of what I originally thought.

Being the best dad

As the son of a single mom, my siblings and I didn’t grow up with a father figure around. I was determined to have a family of my own so I could be the dad I never had.

Part of the model for being a good dad, I thought, was making sure our children attended church.

I had not been a churchgoer since the age of 13 (riding in the wake of my older brother’s decision to stop going), but as a new dad, I felt that church would be a pretty good place to raise a kid.

After visiting several churches, we found one that we both enjoyed at St. Philip’s Frisco, just after it was planted.

Faith evolution

Still, I really wasn’t a churchgoer, even if we did attend most Sundays (remember, it was about the kids), I was the guy whose wife would lead him to a comfortable corner to wait quietly after service while she did her visiting. My daughters were on the church youth path, so all was good.

Up until then, I thought that if you believed in God, you believed in Jesus (but if you didn’t believe in God then, to you, Jesus was a myth). I wasn’t sure what I believed.

Seeking answers

As an analytical man, I didn’t want to leave that unresolved.

I approached the subject as I do most conundrums – by resorting to education. I admit, I felt a bit deceptive when I joined study groups. I was trying to find out who He was and everyone in those groups, so I thought, counted me among the great faithful (this was before knowing of the universal place of acceptance Seekers have in the church).

Jesus the Man

Through that experience, I came to know Jesus as Christ -- I found out that Jesus was a real person. I don’t mean coming to believe in Him as Messiah, Lord and Savior, but that He really existed.

My entire journey changed, and I was on my way to becoming a father in the model designed before creation.

A better dad

Taking my children to church may have been my original motivation, but the byproduct was me becoming a father who had a faith in Christ.

And that was the best way to raise them!

Don Strain is Resurrection’s new Lay Evangelist. A Dallas native with roots in West Texas, he is a father to three 'sixth-generation' Texan daughters, Kiley (20), Landrie (18) and Jaidyn (12), and lives in north Plano with his wife, Brooke, their daughters and three dogs (also all female). He is a graduate of UT-Dallas and has an interest in expository study and teaching of the Bible (or, an in-depth view of the truths and messages to be learned in scripture). Don is a founding member of St. Philip's Frisco and spent five years with Church of the Savior in Allen as part of the church plant team for that parish. He is excited to now join Resurrection Plano. He works for the Schwan's Food Company and enjoys playing golf, watching the Cowboys and drinking coffee (he REALLY enjoys drinking coffee).

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